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Twirled on Sep 13, 2018
violette field threads
Back to School
Nicole Roberts

Pattern Details


Inspired by an art loving little girl, this adorable skirt was designed to complement her personalized back to school shirt!


Organic apple fabric is paired with a sweet small scale gingham.
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The Scarlett Skirt by Violette Field Threads is our favorite skirt style since it offers so many girly details! We sewed up the double skirt version with pick up tie. However, instead of making it two separate skirts as the pattern calls for, I attached both skirt layers to the waist band. I feel this makes it easier for my toddler to wear!

In order to have both skirts attached to the waist band, I do the following:

1) Cut the fabric I want on top using the overskirt skirt directions and cut chart

2) Cut out the fabric I want on the bottom using the pettiskirt directions and cut chart

3) I follow the instructions for the overskirt with the exception of layering and basting both the overskirt and pettiskirt together before attaching them to the waist band.


Picking up on the colors in the personalized crayon shirt, a fun turquoise organic apple fabric from Joann Fabrics was selected for the overskirt. A small scale gingham in bright yellow was selected because it was found in both the shirt, and was reflective of iconic school items such as a crayon box and school bus.

Please note at the time of this blog post, the apple fabric was available on clearance at Joann Fabrics. It may take some luck and searching at your Joanns to find it :) However, any back to school themed fabric in coordinating colors would work!


Nicole Roberts

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