Sailing away with Winnie the Pooh

Twirled on Sep 5, 2018
violette field threads
Custom Fabric
Kammie Lou Lou
Nicole Roberts

Pattern Details


The hot air balloon motif on this adorable custom fabric inspired this whimsical dress!


Kammie Lou Lou's gorgeous custom woven fabrics take front and center stage on this dress!
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The Kate Dress and Top by Violette Field Threads has recently been revised and offers both a fitted version and layering version. Perfect for all types of weather! We also love the integrated apron, which is perfect for showing off special fabrics, vintage linens or embroidery!


Kammie Lou Lou is a custom fabric printing company who runs preorders of gorgeous fabric collections that are designed using commissions art from artists worldwide. Not only is preorder fabric available on a continual basis throughout the year, Kammie Lou Lou also offers spectacular retail events at several points during the year. Kammie Lou Lou offers fabrics on a variety of bases, and their quality is some of the best I have encountered!

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Nicole Roberts

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